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3rd Wankuma IT Seminar in Manila

2015-05-27(水)18:30 - 21:00

Microsoft Philippines Visayas Room

6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City Microsoft Philippines 8th Floor, Visayas Room, 6750 Building

Mark Deluna Andrei Mopal Mark Niño V. Chua Emilio Dillera Jr Christian Nícolas Zabala Pascua Warren Miñano + 22人の参加者




We are IT seminar group, Wankuma Alliance, that has already held more than 200 seminars in Japan and started activity in Metro Manila, also.
We will present on Microsoft new technologies and so on.

・Lightening talks: 5 minutes short talks
 ーSource Code Analyzing Tool, StyleCop
 ーTest Automating Library, Friendly
 ーVisual Studio Online
 ーand so on.

・Tomoya Yamanaka, YASC president and Wankuma Alliance Manila Director, will present on PowerShell.

Wankuma Alliance in Manila

Wankuma Alliance in Manila

Wankuma Alliance is a group of community activists founded in Japan. There is no hierarchy, but are equal relationships. Everybody can join.