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2nd Wankuma IT seminar in Manila

2015-04-18(土)13:00 - 17:00

会場 Microsoft Philippines 8th Floor, Visayas Room, 6750 Building 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

83人の参加者 うづき(udukiran) Angelica Lubao Emilio Dillera Christian Nícolas Zabala Pascua Ryan Payot Jerico A. Pulvera Mark Deluna Andrei Mopal Danny Launio Pablo Cigaral Sapitan Alfadz Panlaque + 72人の参加者



We are IT seminar group, Wankuma Alliance, which is one of the most active IT groups in Japan and started activity in Metro Manila.
We will present on Windows Programming and so on.

NAKA Hirotoshi, Wankuma Alliance founder and Microsoft MVP for C# from 2004 April to 2015 March, will present on Microsoft related technology.

Tomoya Yamanaka, Wankuma Alliance Manila director, will present on Open-Source Testing Automation Library Frendly & tips for Windows Programming.

John Patrick Oliveros, Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET/IIS, will present introduction to ASP.NET 5.

・Lightening talks: 5 minutes short talks

If you have any question, please use the following contacts.
Email: tomoya.yamanaka@yasc.info
FB: www.facebook.com/tomoya.yamanaka.54